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Getting your design ready is now simple, if you know all the places from where you can get them. And that is probably the scary part. Many of the businesses out there, be them brands or packaging companies, do not really know that they can get the help of the world of internet for all their designing needs when it comes down to Retail Boxes. Pricing out different options and deciding on the whole customization thing is a totally different story but when it comes to design, that’s different too. Now comes the important part, the design element.

You can take two different routes. You can either choose to work with a professional for the whole designing and Retail Boxes element. If you do not wish to work with a professional and are confident that your designing skills are impeccable, then go ahead and take the task yourself. But it’s entirely up to you to decide. You need to know which route is comfortable for you.

But in saying that, your decision is somehow going to be based on your level of comfort with the design. Also, how much you can spend on the whole design. If you think you have enough to hire a professional, then you need to go for it. And if you have faith in your own skills, you can take the chance there too. This way, even if you are able to afford a professional, you will be able to save the amount and maybe spend it on some other element of the packaging.

However, since it may be your first time designing for a product, you will need some sort of assistance from an expert. So maybe it’s best you do consult someone for an opinion if you decide to go down the ‘self-designing’ path. You just need to make sure that you have all the right knowledge related to packaging designs. Of course your skills are great, and you can design a piece of art. But what appeals to the people, the kind of design that will grab the customers’ attention. You need to know exactly that. So getting help from a professional, even if it’s just consultation, would be a good choice.

But if you decide that you need to hire a professional for the job, it’s best you have a good look at its portfolio. You need to check out the expert’s designing capabilities specifically. Don’t just jump to the whole graphic designing thingy without knowing if the person is suitable or not. Just think of it this way. You are about to hire someone, and you will be paying them the extra money, then the person you look for the job needs to have the most impeccable set of skills that will simply make the packaging pop.

The decision to hire a profession although has been made, but you are still amidst the dilemma where to look for, how to connect with the expert. If this is a concern you have, then we can help you find the right person by giving you some hints where to look for.

  • Upwork: You can search for a Freelance designing professional through this very professional platform. There are many experts here on this website that have the specific set of skills you may be looking for. Check out the experts’ profile and see the kind of work they have already done, the rate they charge and the kind of feedback they have got from others like you. The feedback is very important because this way you will know the kind of skills the Freelancer has and does he have the expertise to fulfill your task. Since the person you are about to hire is a complete stranger, and you need to work with the person from the very beginning to the very end, this is highly important that you check from the start.
  • 99designs: This is yet another professional website where businesses and individuals can fill out the creative briefs they have for all their needs for designing. There are a number of designers on the website waiting to pitch in their ideas and creativity. But if you are not willing to put up a post related to your brief, you can also check the profiles of designers individually and shortlist the ones that appeal to you. You can get in touch with them, ask for their sample work, and come to terms with on a budget before closing the deal. But if you decide to go with the posting a brief, make sure to put in all the information correctly so that the designers don’t miss out on anything. Because a post once put cannot be edited much. And the designers will give in their ideas accordingly. However, if your brief is simple, go ahead and pitch your desire at this platform.
  • Behance: Owned by Adobe, this is a platform that allows all those people with a creative knack to showcase their skills and expertise with the help of a professional portfolio. This platform, from all the above mentioned, is perhaps one of the most designer driven. But you need to make sure you hire a personnel based on your budget because the prices may vary.
  • Just ask: We know it’s a no-brainer but what’s the harm in asking people around. And we are not saying to go about and ask random people. You can take the help of friends, relatives, co-workers. Or maybe check out on the internet for any local companies. Get their contact and ask for a quote. You can also request your relatives or friends to refer you to someone they know, that is if they do of course.

Placing the Order and Getting Things Started

You’re all set to go now. Your packaging has now been aligned with your brand, and you have got everything that will give your customers the ultimate unboxing first experience they have been meaning to look for with your product, nothing is left behind. Your Soap Packaging is all set to go. Ship it and let your customers have a time of their life.


Sustainability is a growing concern in today's market. Brands can use Eco-friendly materials and design choices to create Printed Custom Packaging that aligns with their environmental commitment.

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