5 Myths Keeping You From Your Perfect Scent

Perfumes Ah! The most essential part of our lives that we use daily is to feel confident and express our personality with the choice of our fragrance. It requires a lot of research and testing to decide a perfect scent for daily use. Alongside, most people do not have the knowledge of the perfect way to use the scents. That is the reason perfumes have some misconceptions among users. The overall knowledge is limited to the smell. if it smells good, wear it!

This post will have a deep insight into the common misconceptions among the people.

  1. The greater the concentration, the greater the power of long lasting

We will learn this with our day to day habits. Whenever a big event is approaching, and I think about how to make a perfect impression with my perfume while greeting my mates or family members. Now here comes the misconception, you start to overspray on your clothes and body. Hoping that it will last as long as the concentration is. Have some knowledge… It will affect the opposite.

Here is the Scientific logic

Perfumes are blended with fragrance oils and heavy alcohol. The main role is played with the alcohol as it helps to carry the scent into the air. The problem arises when you apply too much fragrance. The alcohol won’t be able to disperse in the molecules around. As a result, it will evaporate very quickly and the oil remaining will be of high concentration making it very unpleasant for the people in your surroundings.

Want to know the recommendation of an expert?

We have interviewed a lot of perfume experts and manufacturers. They recommend using three sprays or two sprays on the areas where blood vessels are close to the skin. It includes the pulse point, the inner of your elbows, and behind your ears. This will make it long lasting for several hours.

If you want to apply for a more beautiful effect. Then make sure to use it on the back of your clothes or you can spray your scarf.

  1. Falling in love with your friends’ fragrance

We have seen many times to fall for our friends’ perfume. We ask for the name and purchase instantly. but when you apply that scent it smells completely different to your nostrils. Here comes the chemistry of our body. The chemistry comprises the factors of what is the type of skin. What is your diet? and the natural oils. These factors affect the impact of perfume on every individual.

You might understand with an example. If you have oily skin then the fragrance will last longer. But if you have dry skin, it will absorb the perfume and result in a very soft smell.

What you must do?

Go for the samples, start applying them, and find the perfect match according to the chemistry of your body.

  1. Rubbing the wrist as If it will awaken a magic power. HAHA!

The most common misconception in our habits is the rubbing of wrists whenever we apply perfumes. It is perceived as some kind of magical power hidden in the rub. It actually causes friction which breaks the molecules making the scent evaporate faster.

Don’t rub just press both of your wrists together to make the fragrance settle on your skin easily.

  1. People think Generic packaging works the same as Custom Subscription Boxes

Perfumes on the retailers’ shelves must be kept attractive with beautifully Krafted bottles and packs. Generic packaging looks dull and very unattractive.

Here is the main point  

All the perfumes on the shelves aren’t equal. some designer brands often invest heavily in the packaging leaving the quality of the scent low.

What to do if it’s just the aesthetics of the box that made you choose?

The fragrance inside your perfume subscription box must be as unique as the packaging is. Fragrance subscription boxes allow you to explore more unique kinds of scents. These personalized boxes often allow the manufacturers to add samples. Customers will have to experiment and choose according to their needs. This will allow you to find a perfect scent easily and you won’t rely on the beautiful boxes to choose your scent.

  1. Perfumes are forever fragrant

Perfumes lose their scent with the passage of time. When perfumes are exposed to heat and light it makes the molecules degrade. As a result, the intensity of your scent will get weak.

Let us explore some tips for your fragrance to last more

  • Store your perfumes in a cool, dark place like a drawer or a vanity cabinet.
  • Keep your perfumes in their original boxes for protection from light.
  • If you are planning to keep the bottle open then use atomizers while traveling. This will decrease the amount of air that comes inside the bottle.


All the common misconceptions are discussed in detail. Go and find the best perfume that matches your vibes. Explore with confidence and experiment with different scents.

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