GCC Concrete Admixture Market to Grasp Excellent Growth by 2027

The GCC Concrete Admixture Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 4% during the forecast period, i.e., 2022-27.

The GCC Concrete Admixture Market is expecting to propagate at around 4% CAGR in the forecast period of 2022-27.

GCC Concrete Admixture Market Overview

MarkNtel Advisors Research’s comprehensive study of the GCC Concrete Admixture Market includes detailed geographical insights and a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape. This report offers essential information for companies and investors aiming to leverage the market’s significant potential for growth.

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GCC Concrete Admixture Market Scope and Methodology

The market study of GCC Concrete Admixture employs a thorough and comprehensive approach, utilizing both primary and secondary data sources. Quantitative tools are employed to estimate market size, growth rates, and trends, while qualitative methods explore consumer preferences, competitive landscape, and regulatory influences. SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces model are valuable for assessing market dynamics and competitive positioning. This holistic methodology delivers precise insights into the nuances of the GCC Concrete Admixture industry, offering a robust foundation for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

Driving Innovation: Exploring the GCC Concrete Admixture Market and its Market Dynamics

Key Driver: Rising Number of Construction Projects & Repair of Existing Structures

The growing number of construction activities focused on the development of new commercial & residential buildings in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, etc., have led to an increased demand for concrete admixtures. Concrete admixtures provide high durability & ensure the high quality of concrete during mixing, curing, and transporting. Furthermore, the countries in the region have an increasing number of construction projects under their strategic initiatives, and long-term infrastructure strengthening goals, that are closely associated with the development of modern residential complexes & commercial structures. In addition, the rising implementation of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in the GCC’s construction sector, along with the numerous government projects such as the Red Sea project, Silicon Park project, Furjan Wadi Lusail, etc., has escalated the demand for the concrete admixture market.

GCC Concrete Admixture Market Segmentation

By Admixture Type

-Water Reducer (plasticizers, mid-range plasticizers and superplasticizers)

-Accelerator (triethanolamine, calcium formate, silica fume, etc.)

-Retarder (calcium sulphate or gypsum. Starch, cellulose products, etc.)

-Air Entraining (vinsol resin, darex, Teepol, Cheecol, etc.)

-Alkali Aggregate Expansion Inhibitors (aluminum powder and lithium salts)

-Corrosion Admixture (sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite etc.)

-Others (Pozzolanic, Damp-proofing, Gas Forming, Air detainer, etc.)

By End User


-Corporate Buildings


-Oil and Gas


-Public Utility (Dams, Bridges, Airports, Roads, etc.)


-Others (Power Plants, Education Institutes, etc.)

By Country


-Saudi Arabia





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 GCC Concrete Admixture Market Key Players


-Sika GCC

-MBCC Group

-Arkema Middle East DMCC (Bostik)

-Chryso Group

-Mapei S.p.A.

-Dow Chemical Company

-Arkaz Alsharq Building Materials

-Don Construction Products Ltd.

-Fosroc Inc

Key questions answered in the GCC Concrete Admixture Market are:

  • What is GCC Concrete Admixture?
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  • What segments are covered in the GCC Concrete Admixture Market?
  • Who are the leading companies and what are their portfolios in GCC Concrete Admixture Market?
  • What segments are covered in the GCC Concrete Admixture Market?
  • Who are the key players in the GCC Concrete Admixture market?

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