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India Spice Market Overview


The Indian spice market, valued at USD 7.80 billion in 2023, is expected to reach USD 15.74 billion by 2032, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.11% from 2024 to 2032.

Indian spices have achieved global acclaim for their unique flavors and aromatic qualities, captivating taste buds worldwide. These spices, renowned for their complexity and diverse range, are essential to culinary traditions across the globe. From the intense heat of chili powder to the earthy warmth of cumin and the fragrant sweetness of cardamom, Indian spices have become indispensable to chefs and home cooks alike, enhancing dishes and elevating culinary experiences internationally.

Trends in the Indian Spice Market

Increasing Demand for Blended Spices

The growing preference for blended spices is a significant driver in the Indian spice market. Consumers are drawn to these spice mixes for their convenience and consistency, allowing them to add rich flavors to dishes with ease. Blended spices often combine herbs, spices, and seasonings to create balanced taste profiles, catering to busy lifestyles and modern culinary preferences. For instance, Tata Sampann’s blended spice range, including Puliyogare, Malabar Chicken, Sambar Masala, and Masala Rice Blend, has gained popularity in Karnataka. This trend drives market growth and encourages manufacturers to develop innovative products to meet evolving consumer demands.

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Rising Demand for Natural and Organic Spices

The shift towards natural and organic spices, driven by health-conscious consumers, is another key factor propelling the Indian spice market. Consumers are increasingly opting for organic products, perceiving them as healthier due to the absence of artificial additives. According to a survey by ASSOCHAM, 95% of organic produce purchases occur in cities, with 62% of urban consumers regularly buying organic products. This growing interest in natural spices fuels market growth, with manufacturers emphasizing product purity and authenticity to meet consumer expectations.

Spike in E-Commerce Sales

The rapid expansion of e-commerce sales in India has significantly impacted the spice market’s growth. The convenience of online shopping and increasing internet access drive consumer interest in purchasing spices online. FMCG Gurus predicts online FMCG sales will reach USD 1 trillion by 2023, with e-commerce expected to represent 11% of all FMCG sales by 2030. This trend offers enhanced market accessibility, allowing consumers to explore a broader range of products. The robust logistics infrastructure of e-commerce platforms ensures product freshness, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and demand.

Growth in the Food Processing Industry

The expanding food processing industry in India plays a crucial role in driving the spice market’s growth. Spices are increasingly used in food processing for flavor enhancement, preservation, and product differentiation. With advancements in food processing technology, spices are incorporated into a wide variety of products, from snacks and ready-to-eat meals to sauces and condiments. This symbiotic relationship between the food processing industry and the spice market fosters innovation and supports market expansion, catering to changing consumer preferences.

Company News and Developments

Prominent companies in the Indian spice market include Aachi Spices & Foods Pvt Ltd, Badshah Masala, Eastern Condiments Private Limited, Mahashian Di Hatti Private Limited, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd, Patanjali Ayurved Limited, DS Group (Catch), and Ushodaya Enterprises Pvt Ltd (Priya).

  • March 2024: Adani Wilmar, an edible oil producer and FMCG company, announced its intention to enter the Indian spice market by acquiring regional spice brands.
  • February 2023: Dabur acquired a 51% controlling interest in Badshah Masala.
  • March 2023: VAHDAM India, known for its premium teas and superfoods, launched VAHDAM Spices, marking its entry into the spice market with a focus on innovation.
  • April 2023: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting acquired Brahmins, a Kerala-based traditional vegetarian brand known for its spice mixes and ready-to-cook products.
  • June 2023: Vasant Masala introduced Vasant Awadhi Garam Masala, targeting discerning food enthusiasts with its unique aroma and flavor.
  • July 2022: Premier Foods acquired The Spice Tailor for GBP 43.8 million.
  • July 2022: Emami Agrotech, part of the Emami Group, launched Mantra Spices under the Emami Healthy & Tasty brand.
  • September 2022: Dabur India entered the spice market with Dabur Hommade Tasty Masala, extending its Hommade Foods range to include spices.

These developments highlight the dynamic and competitive nature of the Indian spice market, with companies exploring innovative products and strategic acquisitions to capitalize on growing consumer demand and changing market trends.

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